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Day Trading Strategies (from 500 to 1 000 000). It is possible to automate ?! Stock search, opening, pattern recognition, closing with a profit? In few hours. More information here:
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flat, momentum up

Who can automate the effectiveness of warrior traders strategies?

How effective is https://www.quantopian.com?!

Hello Tomas,
From what I've researched here in the forums is that it's very difficult to automate intraday trading strategies using quantopian because the information is populated on a 15 minute time delay. However, many people have built some incredible algo's using swing trading strategies using the very same patterns you've mentioned above.
Once you've converted your strategy to a python algorithm, back tested it with in sample and out of sample data, and then papertraded it on a brokerage account (such as IB) only then would it be adviseable to use real money. That being said, depending on your background (i.e. high finance/programming), that process could take a little while to say the least. Best of luck!

I just love how discrete the marketing from warrior trading is, if not for those 9 links, I never would have noticed. :)

Growing your account from $500 to $1mm is very likely not possible. After fees and short-term capital gains taxes I don't think you'd even be able to beat the market with these strategies. There's a reason why companies like these sell courses instead of simply focusing on trading themselves... barring any credible evidence to the contrary, I'd say their strategies are rubbish.

I haven't looked too deeply into warrior trading, but there are many scams that follow a similar formula. They'll say they made some large amount of money using the strategies (but not say how much of a % gain that is), or they'll calculate the % gain in some funky, non-standard/misleading way. If they show any actual performance in a real brokerage account, it'll likely be cherry-picked. They'll present the very best month from their very best trader and pretend that that's what you can expect in general.

I do think it's worth implementing these strategies on Quantopian for the learning experience. You can gain some real market insights by knowing what doesn't work.

looking real

this no marketing

They make good income every week.

They have a terrible review on tradingschools: https://www.tradingschools.org/reviews/warrior-trading/

Basically this guy makes money by buying a low float stock and then announcing it to his followers. Once they've bid the price up, he sells his position. It only works because his students buy his shares from him at inflated prices.

To answer your question -- no, you cannot replicate these strategies on Quantopian. The dubious statement posted on his site says his average hold time is 4 minutes. He's doing fairly high-frequency trading on low float stocks. Quantopian only has minute resolution data and no data on spreads (bid/ask).

Warrior Trading May 8, 2015 - now is 2019

Quantopian is only, no good :(.
Where replicate these strategies ?!

I hate to ruin what is surely a very well rehearsed marketing ploy, but screenshots are in no way valid proof, they are very easily doctored and as a result should not be trusted.

Also, looking at their returns. They are quite clearly made up to impress new users. $500 to ~$300,000, fair enough that's a very impressive return if it's true. However you would expect it to continue into the future at the same scale, instead the returns convert from 600x in one year, to just under 2x. Something doesn't seem right. It's almost like they decided that they wanted to convince people that you could earn 6 figures a year, and doctored figures to do that.

Please take your marketing elsewhere, this might work on platforms which are more gullible, but I like to think that the users of Quantopian are slightly smarter than the usual platform.

@Tomas G, see again my post:

Basically this guy makes money by buying a low float stock and then announcing it to his followers. Once they've bid the price up, he sells his position. It only works because his students buy his shares from him at inflated prices.

You cannot automate these strategies, because they aren't strategies -- they're manipulation. It depends entirely on creating artificial demand for the stock after you've purchased it. You cannot do that with an algorithm. You need a chat room, a charismatic guru, advanced marketing, no conscience, and an indifference to the law.


How I Made $15,168.13 Profit Day Trading In 21 Minutes

-they're manipulation-
He is real ?

Making $250k in one Month?! (Steven Dux's January Trading Recap)

-they're manipulation-
He is real ?

He is real ?

Not sure but is there a way for us to see whether a stock has been halted? (At the root of that strategy)

@Tomas G. It's all variations on the same basic chatroom scam wherein they enter low float stocks before their "students" get in, and sell before their students get out. Doesn't it come across as suspicious that all these supposedly expert trading gurus are 20-year old kids? At 20 years old, you cannot have enough experience to be an expert trader. They would be out-maneuvered by the real experts. They've simply found a niche scam that if they did it at a larger scale would get them sent to prison. If they had a real edge, they would not be selling courses to dumb-money retail traders. They would keep it to themselves. They would get hired at a hedge fund and have a lucrative career. Ordinary "edge" dissipates once the strategy becomes widely known and used. It's important to keep secret if you want it to continue to work. The reason why they share these strategies is because they are useless and have nothing to do with how they make their money -- the real money comes from the chatroom scam.


One of the main criticisms Ross gets is that he’s a great marketer, not a great trader. Well, the former is true, and if you know anything about marketing, you’ll notice it immediately.

"Boiler Rooms" and Cold Calling Dishonest brokers set up "boiler rooms" where a small army of high-pressure salespeople use banks of telephones to make cold calls to as many potential investors as possible. These strangers hound investors to buy "house stocks" - stocks that the firm buys or sells as a market maker or has in its inventory. To learn more about cold calling, read Cold Calling - Know Your Rights.

The Classic "Pump and Dump" Scheme It's common to see messages posted on the Internet that urge readers to buy a stock quickly or to sell before the price goes down, or a telemarketer will call using the same sort of pitch. Often the promoters will claim to have "inside" information about an impending development or to use an "infallible" combination of economic and stock market data to pick stocks. In reality, they may be company insiders or paid promoters who stand to gain by selling their shares after the stock price is pumped up by the buying interest they create. Once these fraudsters sell their shares and stop hyping the stock, the price typically falls, and investors lose money

The Latest Variation of the "Pump and Dump" Scheme



Regarding this video:

How I Made $15,168.13 Profit Day Trading In 21 Minutes

WORX if a MicroCap stock, if he could even find a 10,000 shares to short he would have been eaten alive by borrow cost. He took up more than 10% of the total available shortable shares, so even if he did manage to do it a) virtually no one else would have been able to find shares to short b) short borrow cost would be exorbitant.