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Delay in Market Data in Research Environment

I was doing some research in a notebook last week and noticed that the last several months of price data were returning NaNs. That seemed to be an anomaly and latter in the day, only the most recent day's data was not available (I should have posted at that time). By this past weekend, all recent data seemed to be in the research environment.

I know the market only closed a few hours ago, but the attached notebook shows how a NaN is returned for today's close price of SPY. It also shows tomorrow's close price as NaN...

My question is when does the data get loaded into and becomes available in research? Does it typically happen overnight at a similar time when the leaderboard is updated? If so, what was happening the other day? I'll check again tomorrow morning and post a reply if today's data gets loaded or not.

Full disclosure: the reason I care so much about this is that I was hoping to use the research environment as a filtering tool for me to manually run my investment strategies now that live trading has ended. If there is a frequent delay that happens, it may be easier for me to just paper trade strategies and try to emulate them manually.

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