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Did anyone here actually get funded by Q?

As the title suggests, I wonder if getting funded by Q is realistic expectation as the platform promises.

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Its tough but worth it (I did not get funded yet but hopefully one day). Because if you find really good alpha, then besides Quantopian but there are tons of other people ready to invest. And who else offers a platform of this nature for free. I think Quantopian is a revolution that opened up quantitative trading to the crowd. I sincerely hope they make money this year and show the world that crowd sourced funds can beat the markets.

That brings another question, Sayta, how do I get to find those tons of people willing to invest in my algo?

Hi @HyungJun, It is not quite clear what you mean by "realistic expectation".

If the question you are asking concerns whether Quantopian is honest and actually does pay out $ as promised, then I can answer yes they do. I received a cheque for winnings from the last of the monthly competitions and, although it took a while, Q certainly did pay up.

Quantopian is not the only "crowd-sourced fund" around. There is also, for example, Apiary Fund, although their business model is somewhat different. They teach you to trade FX and they have quite a nice and very well structured training program for traders that is either free or you can pay ... if you really want to. Then, if you prove that you can actually trade, they put up all the money and you get a slice of the profit pie with no risk of capital exposure on your part. However you have to actually be able to trade. Just like in Q you have to be able to actually write successful algos.

In Russia they have a saying about how the hunters should not worry too much about how to divide up the bear's skin before they have even seen the bear at the start of the hunt! So the first question really needs to be: do you actually have trading skills or an algo that is good enough for anyone else to invest in? If so, then the first thing you need to do is to demonstrate it. Best wishes & good luck!

what is the success rate of getting funded?

Hi, I'm new to this community.

Any consideration to get funded for discretionary Trading strategies. I specialized only in forex market with price action strategies.