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Display internal backlinks / close/lock post / pinging user and more generally community management


I noticed that this forum have some duplicate posts (similar questions by differents authors).
Maybe it could help a lot to display internal backlinks for each post.

Closing (or locking) post (like we can close issues on GitHub) could help to direct Quantopian users to ONE post for ONE question.

Maybe this should only be an allowed operation to Quantopian employees.
An other idea could be to have a kind of "karma" mechanism (a kind of social score like StackOverflow "reputation").
Only users with a given reputation could be allowed to do this.

A first karma count could only be to use the number of people listening your post.
An other karma count could be to allow user to tip other users...
"Social connections" could also be considered...

Pinging user should also be allowed.

This is all about community management...

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