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Do hedge funds use Quantopian / Zipline for production research?

I personally think Quantopian / Zipline provide ample feature as a research platform, as I find it incomparably better than other open source efforts, and for an individual like myself, I did not yet find any better option.

On the other hand, I wonder if this platform is indeed good enough to be used for the production investment purpose.

One reason I am asking this is, because I would like to know if devoting hundreds of hours of my time is worth of my effort in a sense that the platform generates meaning result capable of generating profit in production (I know Q connects the investors to the well performing algorithms in the contests but I do not know for hour good chance, how many ideas are getting picked by funds through this channel).

Another reason is, out of curiosity I wonder if the institutions have access to indeed superior sets of resources.

Any comment would be appreciated, happy new year!

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Quantopian and their investors have an investment vehicle, a private equity hedge fund that is actively trading a portfolio of algorithmic systems that was community crowd-sourced from the contest and/or by submissions of backtests by authors. So the answer to your top question is a YES.

I do agree that Quantopian is one of the better research open sourced platform for algorithmic systems, although like all others it has it limitations and there's room for further improvements. Kudos to the Q team for engineering such an open research platform that embraces both the educational and practical implementation aspects of financial trading. From a novice to advanced practitioners, learning is endless!

Happy New Year!