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do I have to do everything in the browser?

I want to use locally (on my laptop) written signal processing modules, not sure how to do this with the current quantopian setup. . . Thanks everyone for any info

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Not had a chance to look at it myself, but
You might want to look at


Off line development and version control. Can we push our algos into Quatopian using MercurialHg and Git and set the ability to version control?

This way we will not have to to do everything in the browser.


Both of those are great features for us to build. We've explored making an easy connection to Git (which we love) and I'm sure that will get done. We think that in-system version control would be useful too.

Poor man's version control does exist: when you run a full backtest of your algo, we save the version at that time, and you can access it. Obviously that's not a great solution, but it might help you if you're trying to recover from some mistake.

Thanks everyone, I went ahead and cloned zipline and ran some default examples . . it runs fine, and I look forward to using zipline as a starting point, but I wish I could offload the the backtesting back to In any case this looks pretty cool.