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Does the contest still work? And how will I get my payout, if I will be one of the winners of this contest?


I am new to Quantopian and would like to clarify one thing. Does the daily contest work now? Its results have not been updated since August 16, 2019.
I would also like to clarify how is the money will be paid for this contest and for the strategy in which was invested? Will I have a personal account from which I can withdraw funds to the card?

Sorry for my English)

Thank you!

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Sometimes the contest results are delayed due to snags behind the scenes. The contest is still ongoing.

The payout from the contest is via some weird oldschool web 1.0 payments provider called There are fees for withdrawing. There are fees for not withdrawing. But for the most part it works fine. I ran into snags and it took a lot of back and forth to get it resolved, but my situation is a bit unique (but it was entirely their fault for not being able to handle it). In the end it worked out just fine. You'll get emailed the instructions for how to log in once you've earned any money. You'll have a dashboard where you submit tax documents and can withdraw your balance to a bank account, credit cards, or even bitcoin.

The contest is separate from the Q Fund. I believe Quantopian will get in touch with you if they are interested in licensing your strategy. My impression is that they are somewhat secretive about the terms.

@Maxim in another thread a Q employee said he was hopeful to have the results for the first few days of last week by the week-end. I think that maybe tomorrow we will have something, or at least let's hope so. 😁