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Economic data release from web

Is it possible, using Quantopian, to create an algo which reads a webpage (e.g. and extracts a data release number and places a trade on a logic statement within the algo.

I understand Dailyfx also has an RSS but not sure if this would be more or less quick than reading a webpage.

The issues are:
1. reading the data instantly it is released (asap) - somehow reading the webpage/rss continuously to do this. Of course this would only need to be done for seconds around the release time and not constantly be hitting the webserver.

  1. having a template to accommodate parameters which could be used for each release. Basically I would enter a pip value profit target (all calculated outside the algo by me in research prior to release) for a range of possible values of the data release and the algo would enter a buy/sell limit or market order based on:

a. where price traded immediately prior to the release,
b. the current price post release,
c. and my pip value entered pre-release. and other calendars are quick enough to do what I want.

I am aware of the speed of some algos and realise that I will be at a disadvantage to the likes of Bloomberg Tradebook which has such an algo integrated to their trading platform. However whilst I wish to trade as early as possible post-release, there are still opportunities post 1-2 seconds of many releases.

I am a forex trader and in no way a coder. Your thoughts and suggestions would be very welcome.

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Short answer is no.
Due to security holes (and other reasons) Quantopian does not allow you to make outside calls, aka reading other sources. However, they do allow you to fetch csv files before trading day starts. This means that you can setup a script and run it on your personal server to read your websites, parse them, and format in a csv file for your algo on Quantopian to fetch it before trading day starts. So, no it is not possible to do this kind of thing through out the day, but if there is something you want to scan over night, analyze, and feed to your algorithm you can by having it ready as a csv file before trading day starts. Hope this helps.