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Editing a live trading algo


I have a live trading algo runnning. Suppose I open that algo and make a change to the code (and maybe run more backtests). Would those changes be applied to the live algo, or is the code fixed when I hit 'run live' and never modified, even if the source algo is changed?

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You can edit the algo in the editor and it will not change the version that is live trading. That version is compiled and kept trading until you stop it. To make changes will have to stop the running instance, run a new full backtest with the updated version, and then click 'live trade algorithm' from the new updated version. This will restart the returns and risk metric tracking for your algo though.

Hi Alex,

When you launch a live algo, the code is locked in for the life of that algo. While the algo is running, you are free to experiment with the code and run additional backtests on your profile - these tweaks will not apply the source code of the live trading algo. In order to edit a live algo, you need to manually stop it by pressing the "stop algorithm" button in the live trading dashboard. You are then free to adjust your code and redeploy to the market. It's important to note that when you relaunch you algo, it is considered a "new" algorithm. Your returns, other metrics, and log history will not be carried over. We are considering changing this behavior in the future, to allow you to maintain your algo metrics and history, but it's a tricky question.



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In that case, I suggest allowing the strategy to expose a few knobs that can be adjusted as part of live trading. For example, in my case, I have a 'context.positionSize' argument that determines how large I want to trade. It would be good if I could change that without redeploying the strategy.

Have there been any developments as far as allowing editing of live algos,
and also retaining the original performance data please?