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Enabling vim mode in the IDE

Is there currently a way to enable vim mode in the IDE? Since the in-browser editor is based on CodeMirror, in theory it should be able to support a vim based keymap (e.g. That would really make it a much more friendly editor for some users.

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Sad to see this opened for 3+ years and still no official reply

Well here is a way to hackily do it, open your web console and paste in highlighted content from

after that, also execute['keyMap'] = 'vim'  

to retroactively set the keymap. And now you should have a editor that is in insert mode.

I also think you can automate this process via some browser plugin, but I just want to get started with the platform first :)

EDIT: If you have a blank document, it's not going to exit insert mode correctly, type something first!

EDIT 2: I have added some keybindnigs that I use for CodeMirror + a fix to handle the vim keymap initialisation better - you can find it here

EDIT 3: Looks like : in visual mode behaves weirdly, that's a bit annoying..