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Expanding Research environment by Interactive charts with Plotly, Cufflinks

Dear Q Team,

Could you please add to research notebook environment packages below for plotting interactive charts.

Problem description: Currently there is no possibility to create custom interactive charts in the research environment. Only way interactive charts can be plot is to run backtest in Algo environment which offers limited amount of interactive charting options.

Added value to research environment:
1) By implementing interactive charting packages, users can make own interactive charts already in the research notebook
2) Server load will be reduced as currently users need to run backtest every time to see interactive charts during the research
3) Strategy development time will be reduced

Requested packages:

2.Cufflinks This package allows to create interactive plot the same way as df.plot() in matplotlib

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+6 this would help me a great deal. I am trying to pull a signal from a lot of noise and lack of good interactive graphing is hindering my progress.