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feature request - "Download Log Output" button

Thought I'd give some visibility to a feature that would be handy for a variety of applications. Would other users be interested in a "Download Log Output" button that would allow us to capture the log output for the entire duration of a backtest in a downloadable file?

Quantopian team - feasible?

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An extension of this concept would be a "Download Backtest Results" button that would capture all of the output presently available via the browser GUI, for offline analysis.

@Grant: Yeah, I thought about this as well. The core of this functionality is already there as backtest results get returned as a pandas dataframe in zipline. Saving that to disk and offering a download link is certainly worth considering. Thanks for the feedback!

Log download is exactly what I was looking for, so that I can debug my algorithm faster. (I don't yet care about backtest output, though I might as I learn more about the platform.) Trying to scroll through the little log output that quantopian gives doesn't work very well, especially since it isn't easy to jump to a specific date in the logs either. Any guidance would be appreciated, in case I've missed some feature.



Q support,

Why not allow pulling the log output into the research platform?