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Finally was able to successfully create an engine to replace the trading functionality removed from the site!

Now I can successfully port everything over, and trade PRE and POST market, as well as see bid/ask spreads, in conjunction with level II. It took me a couple weekends to rewrite all the indicators I needed, but it was well worth it. For anyone interested, I used the interactive brokers API, with TWS 9.72.

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Looks cool, maybe sort out the background audio though, my ears have been violated

Please show more details. So you can use a function that is similar to Q's pipeline?

wow, man, you have done a cool job. Is it fast to process 7000 stocks minute data with indicators/fundamentals?
I have been using Quantopian and Quantconnect. Q has a fast sorting engine but live trading functionwas removed while QC has pre/post market data, bid/ask data, forex, cryto live trading but the lean engine sorting stock is slow in my experience.

What is your final goal? Build your own true system or build a platform to compete with online quant platforms?