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First AI-Machine Learning ETF launched a few days ago...

Just wanted to make sure you guys know about AIEQ.

Press release here:

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Def. overhyped especially the bullshit of we aren't posting our backtests because of compliance haha. Nothing a hypothetical results disclaimer can't make compliant. If these guys were beating the market even slightly, they would of posted their results touting how awesome they are.

It is difficult to find quality financial data going back 20 or even 10 years. Most of our data is very recent. AI will optimize what has worked over the recent past. And what has worked well over the recent past? A leveraged short volatility trade.

This suggests the possibility that machine learning algorithms with excellent historical returns will fail significantly when the volatility regime shifts. For inverse-VIX products, an “unwind event” would likely produce immeasurable losses.