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Float from outstanding shares.

Hi there... I see no "Float shares" field (outstanding_shares-restricted_shares-tresury) from the fundamental Morningstar data. Is there a way to calculate on the fly from available data series...? IMO this is one of the most valuable fundamental data to have for an algo-trading (Along with Insiders transactions) as they are the available shares for public trading that "move the price" day to day basis (Volatility).

Thanks and good work Guys..! ;)

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Hey, could you clarify what you mean with "outstanding_shares-restricted_shares-tresury" ?

Hi John, I mean what float is by definition as described by Investopedia.
Actually, on Morningstar's "Quote" frontpage, this data for the majority of securities can be seen nearly at the bottom of page, under the "Short Interest [Security]" block of data.

Might available_for_sale_securities be what you want?

You may also want to look at ordinary_shares_number to get the number of issued shares, or shares_outstanding, etc. The morningstar data includes many share-metrics, which you can compose appropriately to get the result you need.

Thanks John... I think it's more complicated than that. From I was researching, companies only report to SEC (as fundamental) their stock float annually on their 10-K front page report. Float as reported at morningstar's page looks like an "in-house" calculation from fresh insider buy and sell's fillings (4-K's) and then added-sustracted from the officially reported Annual Filling. Maybe this "in-house" data are not part of the API service used on Quantopian.
Basically what I want to do is to start deploying (still learning python) a very simple algorithm proposed by Pascal Willain as an undisclosed method for his trading with volume that call's "Active Boundaries". Open Code for TradeStation can be publicly viewed (and used) in their own page