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For Robinhood users affected by the Live Shutdown:

Those of us with less than $10k have been live trading with Robinhood. With the pending Quantopian shutdown, it is evident that any alternative means for algorithmic trading is not going to include a connection with Robinhood.

Although workarounds supposedly exist, I researched Interactive Brokers to see if it is possible to switch instead.
1) The minimum deposit is $10k, but after that, there is no minimum balance. Feel free to withdrawal $ back out after opening the account.
2) How to get around the T+3 (soon to be T+2), similar to Robinhood instant. Open a margin account with IB, and you'll get the same benefits, and even better benefits as RH Instant provides (except for the immediate availability of $1k on deposits).
3) The minimum balance with a margin account is $2k.

I personally spoke with a representative about these items.

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It's another $20-30 a month for access to tickers and a per/share commission fee. You sort of get a refund on the access fees through commissions, but in the end you'll still pay each month.

If anyone is interested, I'm working with some people on potentially developing an alternative.

Send me an email at [email protected] or message me here if you're interested in being part of it or contributing to the development in some fashion. Thanks!

Hey @Andrew, I'm interesting in developing an alternative. Let me know what needs to be done.


Why not lend your abilities toward a solution that is already in progress? Such as zipline live? It already is almost 1:1 compatible with quantopian algorithms that are being stranded and I"m sure if more people work on it they can get pipeline and robinhood integration.

@Daniel Koh

Send me an email and we can talk about potential plans