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forum bug

Just FYI it looks like there is an issue with the forum currently. When I click Newest to filter posts by most recent, the 11th most recent post shown is from October, and the 12th is from 2017.

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Yes, it does look odd when one clicks Newest and posts with old dates filter to the top. That behavior stems from our spam filtering mechanism. When our filters detect a reply to a forum post which is spam, the reply is effectively 'hidden'. However, even though it's not visible, it still gets factored into the sorting process. Hence, sometimes quite old posts jump to the top of the list.

I too initially found this behavior unsettling. But, it does have the unintended consequence of randomly highlighting old posts - some of which are interesting and deserve a re-read.

Good call out. I'm sure others have observed this too.


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Is there a way to see the posts in the reverse order? ie. most recent one at the top.

@Bala, that's what clicking Newest does, except for the spam randomization "feature" :-)

I did not mean a forum with the latest posting. I mean going to any forum and seeing the most recent posting.
Some of the more popular forums have very large number of postings and scrolling down to the bottom takes a long time.
Or, is there a button somewhere which I have overlooked?