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full API documentation date?

Hi love this site already and I know it's Beta. There are a lot of things I want to try, but I need full API documentation. Any estimate on when it might be available? I see a lot of functions being used which don't appear in the API help. Auto complete does not always show them either.

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Could you give an example of a function that is not documented?

Hello Gary,

The vast majority of the API is documented and the IDE has auto-complete for it. You can find the documentation in the API docs or by clicking the link in the footer of every page.

When we're rolling out a new feature, we often do a "quiet launch" where the code works, but isn't yet documented. We share with with a few alpha users and do further testing in our production environment. Then we do the doc-and-IDE update. However, that process is usually pretty fast - just a couple days. It's not often that we have undocumented features in production.

So, is there something in particular where we're missing the documentation?



I can't remember what I saw yesterday.... it might just be my own silliness. This is my first time doing python. I might have made a mistake of looking for an existing python function in the API documentation. But thanks for checking in guys.

If you find it, let me know. I update the docs frequently (generally at least once a week) and will gladly fill in blanks that you find.


@gary, also feel more than welcome to ask about the python api or any of the scientific libraries like pandas, scikits, sklearn, or statsmodels! each of those are very powerful, but also take time to learn. If you're looking for a fast ramp on the python side of things, we all love Wes McKinney's new book - Python for Data Analysis. Very highly recommend it as a way to quickly get the lay of the land for data and scientific python.