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Full backtest failes to start despite a running backtest by clicking 'Build algorithm'

Dear all,

My algorithm does run fully when I click 'Build backtest' but a pop-up window with 'Something went wrong starting a full backtest' comes up when I click "Full backtest'.

My hunch is that my pipeline is quite elaborated and Full backtest, while preparing, may hit some Quantopian's CPU/memory/expected running time restrictions which are not obvious to the users like me (the info in this pop-up window is vague). Of course you may think that a simplified pipeline would run here and yes I am considering simplifications but there is as much as you can simplify a trading logic because at some point a code would stop delivering your idea.

Not knowing what is expected computational resources and how far/close your code to the Q limitations is also not helpful

Has anybody encountered similar issues? Could anybody suggest what might be wrong and how to fix?

2 responses

I get this error occasionally and can always resolve it by reloading the page and waiting a bit.

Click on "Build Algorithm" then in the build errors section it will tell you what has gone wrong in your code.