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General notebook question

Hey everyone,

I've got a quick question hopefully someone can help me out with. Currently working in the notebook and I want the table to display my portfolio weights based off of my trading signal --> All weights = 0, except IEF at 1.0, if the current price of SPY is below its 200 day moving avg. If Current > Moving Avg, it displays the weights I have computed, with IEF held constant at 0.20. I don't have an issue displaying the table normally, its when I want the table to take the signal into account where I'm running into a problem.

I keep trying to do an "if statement" but no luck (as you can see in the notebook).

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Hi Tom,

Currently, the ‘if’ statement is attempting to compare multiple values in spy_data to another set of values in spy_moving_avg which can’t be done.

Instead, compare only one value in spy_data to another value in spy_moving avg. To compare the last value in spy_data to the last in spy_moving_avg use: ‘if spy_data[-1] < spy_moving_avg[-1].

The way you have it written now, setting weights to weights inside the ‘if’ statement just sets the variable to itself. Perhaps you intend some other logic here.
Let me know if you need any more help!



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