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get_backtest() returning an error
TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'max_value'  

I typed this:
bt = get_backtest('backtest id was here') and got that error. I checked to make sure the id was correct multiple times and I still get this error. Please help if you have an idea as to why this is happening.

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I’m getting the same error. I reckon it’s an internal issue.

Here's the NB with the full error message I'm getting.

@Support team, please have a look.

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I got the same error. Must be on their side then.

You're right, this is an issue on our end. We think we've identified the problem and we are working on a fix. We will update this thread when get_backtest is working again. Thanks for reporting the issue and sorry for the trouble.


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The issue has been resolved. You should now be able to load backtests in research. Thanks again for reporting the issue.

Thank you!