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get_fundamentals does not match

I am trying to use some historical fundamentals data, but the data I get using get_fundamentals() seems not matching the data I see on the web page. Here is a AAPL example. What I am doing wrong?
Update: I checked some other tickers (MSFT, ORCL, CRM) and the values (i.e. book_value_per_share) are almost identical to Morningstar web site.
Instead for APPL get_fundamentals(book_value_per_share) have some values growing in 2007 to 2013 from 15 to 135 and than they go back to 20 in 2014: I think this is due to the APPL stock split happened in 2014. That makes dfficult to measure the book_value_per_share growth rate (and for other key ratios). Is there any solution?

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