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getting past time&sales data for stocks + fundamental news for day trading equities

hi, my name is Erjan, i am programmer & trader. I'm writing u to inquire if u can help me with the following:
I want to accumulate more trading experience faster. For this purpose I bought a special program called "stock tester". It's similar to thinkorswim's onDemand feature. While TOS' Ondemand feature allows to speed up 3x the stock price movement, this is not fast enough for me! so I bought another small utility program.

this stock tester lets me replay old price action in real time at much faster rate.
but there is one piece missing: as we know, stocks are often driven by news releases, reports and earnings season.

for this I want to download past old ER and other important news for any given stock. Or if possible in bulk and display it at the bottom of the chart in my program while I replay old price action for any stock.

do u have such data(ER, news releases, reports, conference calls, mergers, acquisitions)in a CSV,txt format for any given stock?

I recorded a short 2min video on utube to demonstrate what I want to do:

I 'm not selling any stuff! as you are a stock market data aggregator and u have got droves of data available, I was wondering if you have such past stock fundamental data for day trading in available format?(JSON, CSV, txt)

I mean there is tons of financial data stored like past quotes. so i wondered why can't there be past ER, EPS, or any upcoming news, reports, releases, conference calls data for every stock stored somewhere?
I would also like to know if there is time&sales(tape) data for stocks available?

ideally, I'd like to know if u have:

1.intraday price quotes from 1min (ideally tick data!)
2. most importantly - tape information starting from 1 min(time&sales) or better if generated from tick.
3.fundamental data like i said above for any Us stock.

what's the price for these kind of things? but getting just last 2 datasets for most stocks in convenient format is ok for me.

thank u , best regards Erjan