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Github: IBTrader live trading abstraction

After I heard that Quantopian is discontinuing IB integration, I open sourced my live trading code on Github.

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Any chance for a Robinhood one?

Thank you.


Legend. Please can you also host a version and rent it to me.

great, you actually made this sad day a bit better....

This is great!
A quick question: where do you input login information from IB? is it in

log = logging.getLogger(name)

Hi Jeff, you have to start up your TWS, go to settings, and turn on API mode. Then your python script connects by TCP on the local port.

RFS_V1 was actually a live algo I used which took buy/sell CSV list I generated from another script nightly and run them. This algo is stateless and is meant to be ran every morning and it it can be in a cron job. Mimicking Quantopian wouldn't be too hard by serializing the context state and load it again.