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Good example wanted: Breakout, all stocks, simple

Hi there,

I'm new here at Quantopian, I'm from Germany and heard about it by hearing a podcast. I had programmed some examples and spent some hours here for reading and testing the Tutorial and getting in how it works.

Now I tested some examples from the community but I had difficulties to adapt it to my ideas.

Is there a good backtest-example selecting the stocks from all the pipeline content and using a simple strategy (entry, exit, risk-management) by MAs or Breakout or something else from the chart technique?

Would be great to get tipps how to train myself more and more because I want to use this platform, I know how to program (other things than trading strategies) and I take the time for learning.

Thanks a lot and Greetings to all

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Without leverage, just by buying stocks and selling them.
The strategy can be bad but the programming must be great. :)

Besides the built-in Q search I like doing searches like this, it should find backtests using the pipeline SMA function for example:

Thanks for your fast answer. I will look through the results.