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Graph multiple stocks and fundamental data in Research


How can I get a simple line graph (I assume other graphs will work in a similar fashion) in matplotlib to graph multiple fundamentals and multiple symbols?

I believe the key is in the indexing of the data frame and/or the way StaticAssets are used, but I was unable to find documentation or anything that could help me.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Evan,

The trick here is to slice your pipeline output properly. Pipeline output is multiindexed; it has one date index, and one asset index. Each date has one entry for each asset in your pipeline's screen, so a single column will contain values for multiple assets.

Since columns contain values for different assets, this makes plotting a bit more difficult -- we can't just plot the columns of our dataframe. Instead, we need to slice our dataframe first so that we get a series of data for one particular asset at a time. I've attached a notebook here that should demonstrate this idea.

I would especially recommend our new Qgrid feature, which makes it easy to slice multiindexed dataframes (there's also an example using Qgrid in the notebook attached).

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Hey Lucy, thanks for the help!

I have noticed a problem come up for several equities. For example, If I run a pipeline from 2002-01-01 to 2018-6-27 for Nike & UAA, It returns an error for me. However, If I change the pipeline run time to 2012-01-01 to 2018-6-27, the graph will populate for me correctly.

Do you have any insight to what is causing this? I feel like it is more of a backend error then anything in particular that I am doing. I also noticed the same problem when I was multi-indexing the symbols GMLP and GLNG

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