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Heatmap of Returns by Day of Week

Heatmap of SPY, IWM, TLT, and BND returns by day of week, 1/1/2015 - 4/15/2015. Looks like Thursdays have been good for equities and bad for Treasuries.

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Very cool! This is a great visual of the returns


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How much of that is due to Fed minutes releases on (some) Thursdays?

Hmm apparently that's Wednesday, what's that thing that comes out at 2pm on Thursdays ...

On Thursdays I don't know of a regular report at 2 pm, but the unemployment claims report is at 8:30 am ET, and it might explain some of the results.

I must be confused!

Hi, How do you run and view this Heatmap on Quantopian? Sorry I'm new and hence need a bit of guidance.

It's an iPython notebook that runs in the research environment. If you enter the contest, you can get early access.


Very well done. So if I would like to calculate the odds on the price change. How you would do that?


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1 data = data_cached.copy(deep=True)
2 returns = data.pct_change()
----> 3 returns['weekday'] = np.vectorize(lambda x: x.weekday())(
4 returns.tail()

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1762 else:
-> 1763 ufunc, otypes = self.
get_ufunc_and_otypes(func=func, args=args)
1765 # Convert args to object arrays first

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1723 # arrays (the input values are not checked to ensure this)
-> 1724 inputs = [asarray(
a).flat[0] for _a in args]
1725 outputs = func(*inputs)

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