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Help Wanted: Question for College Project (quant finance careers)

I am a student at James Madison University and I am studying quantitative finance and computer science. I have a large project that is due in Mid October and I have to interview two professionals in my potential career field. Sample questions include:

What is your job title?
What type of education would I need to get into this field?
What have been the biggest changes in the technology you use in your work? (You may want to rephrase this and make it more specific for hi-tech jobs)
What salary range could I expect starting out? (Don’t ask them how much they make!)
What are some of the current technology-related issues/challenges/problems in the field today?
What's changing in the field? What should someone coming into it need to know in, say, 3 years from now?
I don't have any personal contacts in this field, so I found this forum hoping maybe someone would be so kind as to have a short interview either on phone or over skype at a time that fits them best.

Thank you for any help,
Zach T.