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Help with Graphing fundamental data in Notebook

Hello all,

I am new to learning both python and Quantopian. Right now I am trying to use the Research capacities of Quantopian but am having a difficult time getting working graphs. For instance, when I try to graph working capital per share, my graph looks ugly. The x-axis points are bunched up and unreadable.

When I try to graph multiple fundamentals, I can't even get a working graph sometimes. I would to see a line graph of Price & Working capital over a 1yr period for multiple assets. I have looked at the tutorials, lectures, forum posts, etc, and have been unable to figure out what I am doing wrong.

I have attached the notebook and the work I have done. Any assistance in helping me go in the right direction would be great appreciated, thanks

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Hi Evan,

I would recommend getting your pricing data and working capital data in the same pipeline, so they're easier to plot since they'll share the same time axis.
Here's a working example using matplotlib.pyplot (for more on this package, check out the Plotting Data lecture).

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How can I incorporate multiple companies into the line graph to show Working Capital/Close Price correlations? My understanding is that you can use multi-indexes from Pandas to plot multi-dimensional arrays, however I am unable to find any documentation to help me understand how this works.

I watched the Plotting Data lecture and found it useful in understanding the different types of graphs I can make. Are there any lectures that provides additional substance to graph design?