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Help with RSI Strategy!

I am new to Quantopian. I currently manually invest in the market but I am trying to automate this process through the use of Quantopian and my Robinhood brokerage account. I have a list of of both the tickers and SIDs of 192 Leveraged ETFs (the US-based 2X and 3X). I am trying to create an algorithm which would effectively act as a means to trade one or more of these these ETFs based upon the Connors 2-Period RSI strategy. This strategy consists of the following:

  • Price must be above its 200-day moving average
  • Buy on close when cumulative RSI(2) is below 5
  • Exit when price closes above the 5-day moving average

Right now, I would like the price of each security purchased to be less than $50. I have an algorithm that I have been attempting to build from scratch to do this but I am truly stuck. Does anyone have any code snippets that they could provide me or point me to another posting or resource? Any help that anyone could provide would be helpful. Thanks!

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Thanks Vladimir, this really helps.