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High Frequency Spot Forex

I am a newbie in this forum and would like to explore creating a high frequency statistical arb spot forex program
I can read/write python although I am not an expert by any means.

Is there a tick based program that I can use as a shell to create a back test for this?


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Hi Elliott,

The backtesting engine we use at Quantopian is called zipline, and it is open source:

If you have the forex data, you can write a new datasource in zipline and run a simulation on the cmd line. However, since forex data has a slightly different structure than equities, you will have to do a little more work to make sure the simulation behavior is valid.



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Thanks for your feedback Fawce

Do you know if anyone tried this before and willing to share some code to give me a head start?
Will the back tester support tick data?



We wrote this guide for new data sources:

I've done tick sources myself, and I can vouch for the system handling them in equity land. However, I haven't tried any forex sources. As you will see from the link above, there is a TYPE expected for events (can be a bar, or a tick) as well as other fields. You will most likely need to create a new event type for forex events.


Thanks again. I will give it a whirl!

Hello Fawce,

Not sure that I have the time/energy/interest at this point, but I gather that zipline can be run locally on my pc, right? Presumably, this is what you mean by running from the command line? Or would zipline still be running on a remote server?



Zipline is the core backtesting library that we run on Quantopian servers. It provides a cmd line only interface for running simulations, but you need to bring your own data (byod :) ).

have fun,

So does that mean that I can download the back-testing code and run python 2.7 and it will work?

Yes, and you can see an introduction here:

I'm trying to work with Forex data, I've somewhat got it running but it's ignoring the data that is outside of regular market hours (for equities). Seeing as forex runs nearly non-stop, and my data is continuous as well, how can I adjust the time frame that zipline uses?