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How can I use `fetch_csv` to load my data and make it available to the `history` function?

Basically I want to load some data into my algo using 'fetch_csv' and I also need the recent bars in 'handle_data'. This security symbol is outside of Quantopian's symbol database. I tried to supply the data as 'Security Information' or 'Signals', but neither works.

For example:

def initialize(context):  
    context.i = 0  
    context.window = 5  
    url = ''  
    fetch_csv(url, mask=False, symbol='CSI300')  
    # url = ''  
    # fetch_csv(url, mask=False)  
    # context.symbol = symbol('CSI300')  
    add_history(4, '1d', 'high')  
    add_history(4, '1d', 'low')  

def task1(high, low):  
    return False

def task2(high, low):  
    return False  

def handle_data(context, data):  
    # Skip first 4 days to get full windows  
    context.i += 1  
    if context.i < context.window:  

    high_hist = history(4, '1d', 'high')  
    low_hist = history(4, '1d', 'low')  

At the last two lines, only AAPL history data is available.

The 'csi300.csv' looks like:
date,open,high,low,close,volume,price 2014-01-02 00:00:00+00:00,2323.433,2325.991,2310.653,2321.978,4519429100.0,2321.978

and 'csi300_symbol.csv' looks like:
date,open,high,low,close,volume,price,symbol 2014-01-02 00:00:00+00:00,2323.433,2325.991,2310.653,2321.978,4519429100.0,2321.978,CSI300

How should I do with this please?

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Hi Shel,

Sorry for the trouble - there are a two gotchas with fetcher and history. The attached backtest does what you want by using workarounds. I think it is easier to follow the work arounds in the code, but the two problems are:

  • fetching signal data only can result in an empty universe, which means handle_data is never called
  • history only accumulates data for trade bars from Q, so you have to build your own frame of data on fetcher fields


edit: I forgot to mention that I made a new csv matching csi300 described above and shared it on dropbox for this test.

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-> history only accumulates data for trade bars from Q, so you have to build your own frame of data on fetcher fields

this is really unfortunate; hopefully this could be improved once 'total returns' (including dividends per instrument) is implemented.

Well it is a little tricky, got the idea.

Thank you @Fawce and @Chandelier, your replies are very very helpful.

This is contradicted by the current documentation which implies you can use the history function with fetched CSV data.

Best of all, your Fetcher data will play nicely with Quantopian's other data features:

Create a trailing window of data using history to make statistical models using your fetcher data.

What does the above mean?