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How could I invest in the market the algorithm that I've created?

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Hi Jim,

We are working full tilt on building a live trading environment within Quantopian. When we release live trading, you will be able to deploy an algorithm to trade live just by clicking a button. We designed the backtesting environment to be event driven and approximate live trading from the very beginning, so there will be no coding, just your decision to deploy the algorithm into the markets. We will be releasing more details as we get closer to shipping.

thanks for the question,

I Was just reading through forum posts, and I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for the update.

Hi John,

Will you have live trading available for FOREX? Or just stocks?



It is a matter of when, not if, for forex. We want to see equity trading through to live connectivity to brokers, then we'll start adding other instruments. Our vision is for a unified environment where you can research, simulate, paper trade, and live trade stocks, forex, futures, and options.

thanks for checking in,

Along with live trading will there be "paper trading" available? Running a strategy against old data is one thing, running it along the real market(order book) is another and could be very useful before throwing $$$ down


Thanks for asking! We will have paper trading against live market feeds. We are considering rolling that out first, before we're done with live trading. The live feeds will be aggregated into minute bars and then fed into your algorithm.


Is this up yet for Forex? How do I get to it?

Hi Jay

Currently Quantopian has data for US stocks and ETFs, but no forex data at the moment.

They do plan on adding more data sources such as forex! Have a read in the FAQ under Data Sources for more information!

I'm sure Fawce or any Quantopian staff could comment further on this :)