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How do the Top Hedge Funds and Banks protect their Algo code when on Exchange or with Broker/Bank?

What is the best coding language for building Algo's?

What is the best and most secure and fastest way to execute the Algo?

I know some hedge funds use C++ or Python?

Not sure how they execute the orders with Exchange with protected Algo.

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P.S. I have been looking at the ADL on TT platform for nbuilding algos easily so any feedback on that be great

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Any thoughts guys ?

Although Quantopian has kept details of their infrastructure confidential (understandably), it is my impression that they are running algos as virtual servers on a cloud service (Amazon?). Data is fed in, and info. goes back and forth between the server and the brokers (Interactive Brokers and Robinhood). So, your algo stays under their control (although I suppose the cloud service needs to be trusted); it isn't sent to a third party in readable form for execution, as far as I know.

As far as the best coding language, it probably doesn't matter all that much for low-frequency retail trading. Python can do vectorized computations (like MATLAB), so that's a plus. There are lots of free libraries. And plenty of help and examples out there.

thats not the question, asking what the Hedge Funds do for algo

I can speak of that they use the top tier platforms, which are very expensive and furnished by the clearing firms usually. Then top coders known in the industry are employed to pull data and hook into the platform. Some firms eventually move to developing their own platforms, using universal servers for data feed prior to developing their own if they go that far. As far as security, top pay, excellent working conditions and a bevy of lawyers in house keep algo's secure. Mark