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How do I set_benchmark in zipline in a research notebook?

from zipline.api import set_benchmark

InputRejected                             Traceback (most recent call last)  
/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/IPython/core/interactiveshell.pyc in transform_ast(self, node)
   2905         for transformer in self.ast_transformers:  
   2906             try:  
-> 2907                 node = transformer.visit(node)  
   2908             except InputRejected:  
   2909                 # User-supplied AST transformers can reject an input by raising

/home/qexec-restricted/.ipython/profile_quippy/ in wrapper(*args, **kwargs)
     61         def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):  
     62             try:  
---> 63                 return f(*args, **kwargs)  
     64             except InputRejected:  
     65                 raise

/home/qexec-restricted/.ipython/profile_quippy/ in visit(self, node)
    191                 if violation_warning_message is not None:  
    192                     violation_message += violation_warning_message  
--> 193                 raise InputRejected(violation_message)  
    194             finally:  
    195                 self.visitor.violations = []

InputRejected: Importing set_benchmark from zipline.api raised an ImportError. No modules or attributes with a similar name were found. Last warning! One more import error and your account will be suspended for security reasons until a human can talk to you.  

(N.B. I'm happy to talk to a human about why I'm trying to use your documented functions in your environment. /snark)

Without it I simply get a "set_benchmark" global name not found.

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Hi K.C. - Unfortunately set_benchmark works in the Quantopian IDE, but isn't yet available in zipline, which is why you don't see it under zipline.api. It is being worked on, so you can watch the zipline github issue if you like, but in the meantime you can try Karen's workaround for Research, which is to get the results of an IDE backtest that set the benchmark (look for "Benchmarks" in her first shared notebook in that thread).


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