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How do I turn off date management in the IDE?


I turned off date management in the IDE the other day. Now I can't figure out how to do it again. Does anyone know please?
I've Googled the living daylights out of it. And searched the forums. No luck.

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OK, I finally figured it out. Steps are as follows.

To get the message above to appear:
1. set the date later than you want by hand.
2. then this comes up:
End date was auto-adjusted to the last full trading day for your securities. More info. --> Click on the more info link.
3. Then it pops up a window asking if you want to turn date adjustemnt off:
"The backtest's date range was automatically modified.
To ensure that there are trading events for every security in your algorithm, the date range was changed to the first full trading day for a new security (usually the day after the IPO) and/or the last full trading day for a delisting security.
To turn off date checking, click 'Turn Off' below. You'll probably need to use the if data.can_trade(sid(#)) method (learn more here)."
4. When you click on the end date now it will have a little message at the bottom of the calendar saying:
"Automatic date management is off. Turn on"
5. Now you should be able to select the last day from the calendar

Thank you for the time in doing that writeup

No worries