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How to actually live-trade your algorithm

Good evening all,

I have worked for the last couple of weeks on building an algorithm that I wanted to live-trade using the Robinhood integration....or so was my plan until last night, when I read on these forums -- much to my surprise, shock and disgust -- that Robinhood and Quantopian are no longer integrated. I do not have the money to open an account on IB, nor does my algorithm hold up with any commissions given my meager starting position. So, my question for the forum is what brokerage can I live-trade my algorithm?

Thanks for your time,


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but you can use zipline-live to live trade your algo!

Is this for real? So how do you go about doing this with zip-line?

ping me privately, I'll get you on your way

Does zipline-live still work?

yep works as a dream. .... sometimes a nightmare when the broker thinks differently then you algo, but in general its fine

does zipline-live support robin hood too or just IB ? I couldn't find a public API for robinhood.

zipline-live whether support these feature now, ?

Pipeline API support
Fundamentals data support