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How to allocate a certain number of money to one live - strategy?

Yesterday I tried to launch my first live strategy, but unlike in backtest, I found nowhere to setup a certain number of money for the strategy.

Does Quantopian not support this?

Imaging if we have 2 - 4 strategies and some of them are aggressive and others are defensive. Normally we will allocate some money for one strategy and some for another. How can we do this via Quantopian, or we have to embed all of them in one big strategy and allocate different percentage of capital to them by calculation? Or we have to create more than one account in brokers to do this?

My broker is IB and I am very willing to know your suggestion on this, thanks.


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If you want to several strategies, you will need to combine them in one code and allocate $ amount for each strategy. Just make sure that they dont interfere with one another.
Maybe a cleaner decision, would be to open several linked accounts and allocate one strategy per account. In this case, you will have separate stats for each account and some safeguards if smth goes wrong.

Thanks Maxim for your answer. I will try combine several strategies in big one. One may focus on ETFs and other may focus on stocks.

What's the linked accounts you mean? I can open more than one account in IB, but they will share the overall capital, and there is nowhere to setup how much money one account can trade.

David - if you open subaccounts in IB, each one will have its own capital. So you could open 4 accounts, put the amount you want to trade into each account, and connect one Quantopian algo to each account.

By default a Quantopian algo will trade the full amount available in an account.