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How to close out trades given a condition is met. (i.e., N days have past, OR, the position has reached a % return threshold)

I have a fairly simple strategy with a signal. i.e. If 'signal' > 0.05, then short two specified stocks with specified weights. This will run once a day.

For example:

def handle_data(context, data):

    if signal > 0.05:  
        if SPY not in open_orders and AAPLnot in open_orders:  
            order_percent(SPY, -0.01)  
            order_percent(AAPL, -0.01)

So if the 'signal' is > 0.05 for 4 days in a row, this means that the trades will have occurred 4 times.

I'm trying to figure out how to close the trades given a condition is met. e.g.

  1. If a trade has been open for 10 days, close that trade.
  2. If a trade has gained more than x%