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How to filter exchange_id in Pipeline


I would like to get stocks from Nasdaq only using Pipeline?
When using get_fundamentals, I would use a filter command:
.filter(fundamentals.company_reference.primary_exchange_id == 'NASDAQ') when using the fundamentals

How can I reproduce this filter with pipeline?
I found morningstar.company_reference.primary_exchange_id but when I add that to my inputs, I get the following error message:
TypeError: Don't know how to construct AdjustedArray on data of type .

Any help would be much appreciated

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Hi Ali, it's not currently possible to pass in strings (exchange_ids) to pipeline filters. At the moment only integers and booleans are supported and we're working on adding this functionality. We'll share with the community once this has been shipped.


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EDIT: I made a mistake in my comment above. Only floats are supported in pipeline filters. We are working on fixing integer and boolean filters - when this is done we'll let you know. String filters are not yet supported.


I am having so so much trouble getting a list of stocks from the NASDAQ only to be generated with fundamentals_df. Can you please help me?


at the moment it' possible to use this trick (see the section below def accept_exchange):

class UniverseMask(CustomFactor):  
    Return 1.0 for the following class of assets, otherwise 0.0:  
      * No Financials (103), Real Estate (104), Basic Materials (101) and ADR  
        (Basic Materials are too much sensitive to exogenous macroeconomical shocks.)  
      * Only primary common stocks  
      * Exclude When Distributed(WD), When Issued(WI) and VJ - usuallly companies in bankruptcy  
      * Exclude Halted stocks (_V, _H)  
      * Only NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq  
      * mkt cap > 5,000,000  
      * invested_capital > 0 (sanity check)  
      * total_assets > 0 (sanity check)  
      * Avoid illiquid stock (dollar trading volume average in the last 10 days less than 100,000)  
    window_length = 10  
    inputs = [USEquityPricing.close, USEquityPricing.volume,  

    def compute(self, today, assets, out, close_price, volume, mkt_cap, is_primary_share, \  
                is_depositary_receipt, sector_code, invested_capital, total_assets):  
        dollar_volume_10d_avg = np.mean(close_price * volume, axis=0)  
        criteria = dollar_volume_10d_avg > 1e5 # Avoid illiquid stock (dollar trading volume average in the last 10 days less than 100,000)  
        price_10d_avg = np.mean(close_price, axis=0)  
        criteria = criteria & (price_10d_avg > 3) # Avoid penny stocks (less tahn $3)  
        criteria = criteria & (mkt_cap[-1] > 5e6) # Mkt cap > 5,000,000  
        criteria = criteria & (is_primary_share[-1]) # Only primary Common Stock  
        criteria = criteria & (~is_depositary_receipt[-1]) # No ADR  
        criteria = criteria & (sector_code[-1] != 101) # No Basic Materials  
        criteria = criteria & (sector_code[-1] != 103) # No Financials  
        criteria = criteria & (sector_code[-1] != 104) # No Real Estate  
        criteria = criteria & (invested_capital[-1] > 0) # Sanity check  
        criteria = criteria & (total_assets[-1] > 0) # Sanity check  

        def accept_symbol(equity):  
            symbol = equity.symbol  
            if symbol.endswith("_PR") or symbol.endswith("_WI") or symbol.endswith("_WD") or \  
               symbol.endswith("_VJ") or symbol.endswith("_V") or symbol.endswith("_H"):  
                return False  
                return True  

        def accept_exchange(equity):  
            exchange =  
            if exchange == "NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE":  
                return True  
            elif exchange == "AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE":  
                return True  
            elif exchange.startswith("NASDAQ"):  
                return True  
                return False  
        vsid = np.vectorize(sid)  
        equities = vsid(assets)  
        # Exclude When Distributed(WD), When Issued(WI) and VJ (usuallly companies in bankruptcy) and Halted stocks (V, H)  
        vaccept_symbol = np.vectorize(accept_symbol)  
        accept_symbol = vaccept_symbol(equities)  
        criteria = criteria & (accept_symbol)  
        # Only NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq  
        vaccept_exchange = np.vectorize(accept_exchange)  
        accept_exchange = vaccept_exchange(equities)  
        criteria = criteria & (accept_exchange)  
        out[:] = criteria.astype(float)