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How to handle the plotting problem when I'm using minute data?

I'm a starter in Quantopian. I'm learning the basic research knowledge and I'm trying to plot the historical price in Notebook. But I when I tried to plot the minute price data, the graph shows really weird(attached below). I think the problem is that the graph included the time period where the market is closed, and there are no price data during that period. So what can I do to filter out that period from the graph? Thank you!

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The problem is with the x-axis. I think you can reconfigure the x-axis to (I forget the exact nomenclature) span over the parts that are missing and even add vertical lines.

But, if you just want to look at it, re-indexing is easier.

price.index = range(0, len(price))  

also, I saw some solutions on stack-overflow, but they weren't supported here.

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this works also:

price.index = price.index.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")  
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