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How to properly setup multiple IB accounts for separate algorithms

Has anyone implemented 2 IB accounts for 2 algorithms?

I only see in IB where I can create a linked account, which uses the same login credentials - but do they provide a different account #. Otherwise the algorithms would not be able to know which account to send the trade to.

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Yes, they provide different account numbers. And yes, many people have implemented this. You might want to create a second user with just trading privileges and your main username/pw for transfering funds.

@Johnny, good to know. Do you know if the linked accounts carry the same 10K amount to open?

You can open a linked account and fund it with any amount you wish (no minimum I'm aware of).

Note that an account, linked or not, needs at least $100K for Portfolio Margin. In other words if you have Portfolio Margin account and create a linked account it will only have the regular 2:1 margin unless you fund it with $100K and request Portfolio Margin.