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How to set the log level to Info

If I do a quick backtest, both info and debug prints. I want only info to print. How do I set the log level ?

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It seems we are restricted from coding "import logbook" thus we cannot write "log.level = logbook.INFO"

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Currently, there isn't a way to filter which log levels are displayed. All logs are printed all the time. The different log levels simply print differently and are meant as an aid in viewing them. The logging functionality on the Quantopian platform has been modified from the standard logbook methods. This is to limit the data which could potentially be exported and done to be compliant with agreements Quantopian has in place with our data providers.


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Dan, thank you for the explanation. I respect the Quantopian policy and understand the need to prevent the exportation of data (via the logging mechanism).

Since the log level is NOTSET, which allows every level, then any restriction, such as INFO, would be consistent with the Quantopian policy.

I would be grateful if Quantopian would consider allowing the log level to be more restrictive than the default.

Use Case Scenario: existing log statements, particularly, need to be disabled when not needed. This is due to the size constraint and slowness of scrolling. It is preferable to keep log statements 'live' in the code rather than comment them out. Once commented, the log statements are too easy to delete and too difficult to maintain (such as renaming variables). Changing from to log.debug() or log.trace(), with the threshold set to INFO, would achieve this.

Note: in other logging systems there are better ways to filter log content, such as the logger 'category' (to use the classic Log4J terminology). This would also be acceptable practise (on the Quantopian platform), but would involve an API change.

too many warn logs displayed, hard to find my own logs. It's a bug, not a policy.