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How to trade cryptocurrencies with Zipline?


I'm wondering whether zipline can locally be used to simulate a trading strategy whereby you buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

If it is possible, how can you do it? I have the crypto data stored locally.

Thanks for any help,


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Try catalyst adding catalyst.api.

Has anyone done some research on trading crypto-currencies on Zipline? As in some possible algorithm with back-testing results.


I am currently looking to integrate zipline into Bitmex, if anyone has any information on this topic please drop a line here.

Hey Paul, working on the samething, maybe should connect.

Paul and Rui, I'm also trying to find a solution for Bitmex/Zipline integration. Have you connected?

Hey guys. After going down a bit of a rabbit hole for A WHILE, I ended up using freqtrade for trading crypto.

If anyones still trying to contact me you can find my email here