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This feature could be very useful to me if it became customisable and available.

I would like the ability to port my algorithms to Quantopian and to be able to say to clients "go to" and you can play with my systems. Clients would not be able to access the underlying code. When they had chosen their parameters, systems and portfolios they could then proceed to live trade either through the Quantopian IB interface or by means of placing their own orders manually with their own brokers.

The charging structure is bps on AUM subject to a minimum annual payment.

How feasible would this be?


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The backtesting doesn't work

I know! But the concept would be great if properly implemented.

Yes would be good but parameter optimization right now can only be done in Research tab in

Oh my lord......I have only just begun to look at Zipline/Quantopian. There is clearly a long long way to go.