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I can't recall being this annoyed

Can anyone explain why 100 shares a highly liquid stock would fail to fill and execute a cascading sabotage effect on the entire algorithm? I trust it's something I'm overlooking, but I just don't know what that might be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know that I trade stocks like this all day in ScottradeElite and never have any fill issues with my hot keys. I'm starting to think this slippage deal is total nonsense, because all my orders get filled in real life, and I have never had to wait minutes, much less an entire day to have an order closed or filled. It just doesn't happen period.

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order_target(s,shares,style=LimitOrder(cp * .9,IBExchange))

You are trying to place an order that has 90% of the current price and it is not getting filled. If you change it to .95 you get some.

Thanks Roberto for catching that. I had initially changed it to a Market Order, but then I saw some absurd fills. One stock filled 40 cents above the high of day. So, Market Orders on penny stocks are completely out of the question, regardless of the spread. I actually changed it to find gap ups, anything above 5%. Then I simply applied the same logic. Still a work in progress, but the idea is to catch the big morning moves on low priced stocks. Thanks again.