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I get quite often errors by starting the backtest.

Recently I got quite often errors by starting the backtest as follow:

Backtest Error
Somehting went wrong starting a full backtest.

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Me too, no further error message. Using "Build Algorithm" doesn't work either, error message is "Execution timeout."
Can anyone help?

Usually this means there's an error in the script. Could be as simple as a missing bracket somewhere or faulty code.

If you're working with the research IDE, try pasting the pipeline function and run a barebones script with only the pipeline attached.

I don't agree with you. I am sure it is not any error in the script, at least not in my scripts since sometimes the backtest works but sometimes not. I doubt it's because the server on Q. At the moment there are "a lot of" backtesting running, the server could not handle so many requests and you get the timeout return.