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I have an idea for options trading, who can do it?

I have been working on a MACD intraday options trading strategy that has been pretty effective that I would like to automate. But I have no knowledge of python whatsoever, perhaps someone can help with this?

The variables for the MACD are:
9, 20, 6
That part I was able to manage with the example, but only for stock trading.

Next part is incorporating the 11 day weighted moving average as a get out of trade signal if the stock falls on the opposite side of that average for more than 2 minutes or the position loses more than 10% whichever comes first

It would also only trade 10% of total account value per position

Plan on using this strategy with stocks like PCLN, AAPL, FB, TWTR, GOOGL, NFLX, AMZN

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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order_target_percent(symbol("FB"), 0.1) #Orders 10% of your account in FB  

As far as I have read the MACD calculation is a covering indicator, which often follows trends. Remember many traders get confused in the two lines of the MACD with plain moving averages. Being a trader from years, I have noticed that many of us make our trading way too complicated since lots of indicators popped up on our screen. In reality they often fail to provide good result. If you are fortunate, you will definitely come across best binary options signals which helps you in entering the trade with confidence.

Haha binary options. Now there's a scam.

Hahaha, I certainly hope that people here don't touch binary options.

Binary options are good financial product such as forex, stocks and bonds, but unfortunately there is a lot of greedy brokers and firms that stealing money from innocent people! If you are interested in binary options I suggest you to choose only fully regulated binary options brokers.

If you looked at the previous comments you would see that am not talking about binary