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I have the rules and have implemented it manually with a high success rate; I do not know how to code!

Greeting Coders and Traders,

I came across this website while reading an article about Steven Cohen. My main reason for being on here is to hopefully team up with someone who knows how to code. I figured I would get farther if I teamed up with someone who has coding skills.

I have strict trading rules/strategies for going long and short in the futures market. The focus is in Oil, Natural gas, Russell 2000 and the E-Mini S&P500. With some trades in Soybeans and Wheat; except it is not as active as the others.

My success rate for each trade is 76% on average. I even will have a 90% success rate depending on the time frame and product.

If there is anyone that may be interested, please let me know.


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Trading futures is yet to become available on the Q platform, although it should not be long now, I understand.

In the meantime I would certainly not want to turn a potential new member away from the Q community, but you may be interested in having a look at the Quantiacs site (, since they specifically mention team building and engagement.

Puno uspjeha! ;-)

Thank you for responding on this, it is much appreciated.

I just recently hired a guy in the U.K. - about a week ago.

Hvala puno!