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IB ticker symbols not working?


I have been trying to get data from IB with ibpy. But it seems there are some symbols I couldn't find in their data feed:


Can't find them using their TWS either.

Anybody know why?

Thank you for your help!

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Actually, even MSFT doesn't work. (I can find it only on the TWS.) I just don't understand why.

Any information or thoughts would be very helpful.

Thank you!

I am not sure why that is, I tried as well just now, and only corporate bonds for BRK show up. My guess is that IB is using the holiday to push updates through and troubleshoot, you might be catching them in the middle of maintenance. I would contact them directly in this case, it's possible they don't know.

I wrote this before realizing you are talking about IB's data and not Quantopian's.
Try replacing any periods with underscores. e.g. BRK.B -> BRK_B. If you use the 'symbol' or 'sid' functions, a dropdown will appear with the companies that match your query, you can search by ticker and company name. This backtest has each of the stocks you mentioned in it. See for more details. Hope this helps.